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What are angel numbers?

Numbers are all around us! Have you noticed that you keep seeing the same number? Maybe you’ve even thought to yourself, “Is this a coincidence?”

Angel numbers, which are repeating sequences of numbers that contain repetition (like 111 or 3333). They are divine guidance from angels and the universe. You might see these repeating numbers all around you in ordinary places, like on license plates, the time of day written on your phone, or even the total on a receipt.

What are angel numbers?

With angel numbers, there are no coincidences. The significance of these repeating numbers, especially if we keep seeing them over and over again, is that each number possesses its own vibrational energy and frequency. When you see an angel number repeatedly, that number is trying to get your attention and holds a specific message just for you!

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If you are ever stuck with what your angels are trying to tell you, this is a general guide to help you interpret their messages:

111 signifies self-love, listening to your heart, and new beginnings. Its most important meaning is that you should always trust and follow your intuition, especially when new opportunities are unfolding and there are new journeys ahead.

222 represents alignment. When you see 222 repeatedly, be aware that everything is working itself out for the highest good, just as it’s supposed to.

333 it’s a sign to have faith in yourself and know you’re never alone. Your angels and the universe are always on your side and supporting you. Trust your intuition and that what you’ve been manifesting will happen.

444 is all about protection and guidance. If you’re seeing 444 everywhere, this means your angels are close to you and surrounding you with love.

555 symbolizes change. Something new is coming into your life which will cause a major shift. Open your heart to this new chapter and embrace the change!

666 expresses the need for reflection and realignment. Reflect on what’s holding you back and what’s no longer serving you. 666 is closely associated with reconnecting with yourself in order to understand your purpose on earth.

777 is used by angels to communicate a special message of good luck. Wonderful things are about to happen to you and with luck on your side, an explosion of success is right around the corner!

888 indicates infinite abundance and balance in all areas of life. Seeing 888’s is a reminder that you can attract and manifest abundance into your life and good karma is on its way to you!

999 represents release and rebirth. Seeing this number symbolizes the need to surrender the things you know are no longer meant for you in order to start a new chapter. By showing you 999, your angels are reminding you that although a phase or cycle may be coming to an end, it helped prepare you for whatever is about to come your way.


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